Video Production

Video is a powerful form of communication, including promotional, training and educational videos, online YouTube clips, social media content and presentation recording for seminars.  Dan Clancey  and Eloisa Tripodi have a combined 40 years experience in television and creative production.


Professional competence:

The combination of skills provide a full range of media services – video production, script writing, voice overs, messages on hold service and creative design for video presentation; as well as theatre production which may include script writing, directing, group facilitation, design and structure for live presentations and corporate events.

Example – Hollow burning trees


Photography is a service we offer and we find it best to partner with specialised photographers who can bring the best product to the client’s need.  It may be industrial, event based, landscape or studio headshots; each photographer brings a style and feel to their photos.

If photography is required as a part of an overall communications package, then we can source a photographer to suit your needs.

Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a perfect way to deliver a message that needs a deeper understanding.

Products that may be displayed at information stands at an expo or seminar.